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When should a tree be cut in order to have as much as possible wood? (yes this was a question)

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When is grown up.

Only couple hours to resolve task, which, by their own words "almost impossible to resolve for given time". Why are they giving such task?

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When a tree should be cut in order to obtain as much wood as possible? (yes they asked this, for a developer position)

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Die Fragen im Gespräch waren m.E. wohl alle im üblichen Rahmen. Allerdings hat mich der Schwierigkeitsgrad einer Teilaufgabe des Programmiertests durchaus überrascht.

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When a tree should be cut in order to gather as much wood as possible? (seriously, that was the first question that I received even of I applied as a programmer).

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* Which was your old/current company? * Why you don't want to work there anymore? * How did you find out about the offer? * Do you know/have experience with telecomunication/waint on call software?

Give this scenario were you face a problem X how would you design a system to solve that problem

1)Revert a list (write code) 2)Do you use Heroku when deploy? 3) Why protobuff is so slow? (the question is WRONG - i tried explaining them that is fast and I had a demo prepared, but they were not interested) 4) Do you know how to use redux? (No, so that was end of story)

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