Fragen in Vorstellungsgesprächen für Support Engineer in Region Mumbai, Indien |

Fragen in Vorstellungsgesprächen für Support Engineer in Mumbai, Indien


Fragen aus Vorstellungsgesprächen für Support engineer, von Bewerbern geteilt

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Tell me about yourself? / Have you pursuing any course(Related to networking like CCNA, CCNP) ? / And some basic questions like home town, travel time,salary parameters etc..

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They asked simple basic questions like Dns , Dhcp and Osi layers and outlook related

If you have got a drop and you have to convince your dad for a bike, how will u?

20 ques regarding full form of NiC,port address,networking devices,osi layers

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required much more technical stuff and confidence and fluent communication.

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Tell me about yourself. Question related to networking. Types. What is lan man wan.

question were ask about troubleshoot, installation, customer handling skills, MS outlook, APPLE deices, Exchange