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Aircraft Mechanic wurde gefragt...6. Juni 2018

How do you motivate others?

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Treat people kindly

Being a emotional intelligent

By giving technical idea. Tell him about technical line like as telecom field.

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The Emirates Group

Tell me about yourself? Very basic aircraft maintenance practices.

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I am result driven and a valuable and meaningful member of any team I belong, one basic maintenance practice I know is when an aircraft is about to take-off the engineers will take a quick look at the Landing Gears just to make sure they are in order Weniger

My name is Sami Al-Thubaiti. My age is 39 years of experience in the private sector. I have 16 years of management and sales. I have a bachelor's degree in management and economics from King Abdulaziz University. I have 15 training courses in management, human resources and customer service, 3 certificates in English from the British Institute and courses between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates United Nations Weniger

My name is ahmed mostafa i’m 29 years old i work in banking from 2012 till date and i have a very big experience to handle all customers demands Weniger

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DynCorp International

dc alternator faul we can repair or repalce

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yes. most case dc alternator brush bad we can replace that



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What types of inspections/maintenance have I performed on aircraft engines?

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Check all the filter and oil.any dust in remove the filter, And change the new filter Weniger

I tried rooftop slushie mentioned above and it was pretty helpful. I recommend it. Weniger

This looks so good:

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Lockheed Martin

Are you ready to work for the #1 contract aviation company in the world?

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This looks so good:

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Mechanics Hub

What experience did i have

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6 years

8 years experience in the truck and trailer mechanic

I have 8 years experience in diesel mechanic truck and trailer

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Round One Entertainment
Mechanic wurde gefragt...23. Dezember 2016

why do you want to work for us?

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its a different environment than my last job

It’s different than my last job

I would like to work here because I feel like I can be a great addition to the team. I've worked in very fast place areas including walmart. I am a very friendly customer service associate and I have great skills like multitasking , time management and patience . I even have experience being a "PIC"(person in charge, it's like a team leader) at subway. Weniger

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Why did you not want to stay at your old job?

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There was no room for advancement and I'm looking for a long term commitment to make as a career . Weniger

Diarrhea a lot

Interviewed 6 FAANG employees and got this:

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Work well with others

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Yes I work well and hard to get the job done

I worked with others closely as a team we were efficient from production to housekeeping I also had a good working relationship with other coworkers in the facility Weniger

I work well with others there have been many over time in different situations of employment Weniger

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United Airlines

why you want to work for United

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main career. One of the prestigious airline in the us.

What is the written test about ? Is it the same FAA a&p test from school?

Not exactly. You need to know some maintenance basics, such as ATA chapters numbers and to what subjects they are related to. Weniger

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