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Ehrlich, es wurde keine einzige schwere Frage gestellt. Die Leute wollten nur wissen, was ich an der Uni und bei der Arbeit gemacht habe.

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Was the woman who picked you up named Jodie? She must have followed Mark over to Oracle. No wonder she didn't ask you any questions. She didn't have to answer any when she did marketing at HP, so I guess it must be the same type of job over there at Oracle.

Hi there. Just to make that clear. Her name wasn't "Jodie". Please understand that I won't tell her name because of privacy reasons.

Hello, so is it normal if they don't call you very long time (2-3 months) after you submit your CV? I guess Oracle's recruitment process takes much time for certain positions.

What do you anticipate your role to be?

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Welches Adidas Produkt mögen Sie am Liebsten?

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What are some examples of on-page SEO?

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How did you overcome a project when the goals weren't achieved?

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Comparer 3 différents produits qui sont sur le marché, quelle critère pour comparer?

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All about Account based marketing and how to increase pipeline, quickly. Seemed to be no direction just 'we need leads fast'. Nothing about career or culture or human side, just revenue and leads

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What do you expect from this job?

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why would i be fit for this position?

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