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why would i be fit for this position?

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What would you do if you have to work together with your collegue on the same project but you have still a lot of work which you have to finish before?

What do I know about Stylight? Their business plan? What is my professional background? Why do I want to work for Stylight?

Standard interview questions at first, for example, why are you applying for this job? what are your strengths and weaknesses, etc,... However, then a load of personal questions that I felt was too aggressive. However, I was asked to come in for three-day trial work. It was absolutely horrible, you don't know who exactly is in charge, apparently, it too much of a family business and completely unprofessional going around and acting like they are home, management treats employees poorly and with little to no respect at all + two huge dogs running around the office and just making a mess and noise that its very difficult to concentrate.

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