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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Analyst in Mailand, Italien


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How could you estimate the number of required salesmen in order to maximize sale?

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It should be solved an equation (profir= total sales -cost) where the number of sales men was the key variable

how could you answer to this questions? did they provide you with graphs/data/charts??? thanks in advance for your help

Products of Pirelli, history, campaigns, start-up projects and collaborations with automotive companies

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Tell me about a situation when you had to convince other people to follow your idea

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Tell me why the number of car accidents reported to insurance companies is declining.

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What is "media filling"

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Run me through your CV

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European Stability Mechanism working in detail: who issues what and how would government be bailed out practically. Comments on the capitalization of the Efsf (the ancestor of the proposed esm, it's a mess, I know) with respect to the actual needs. Most useful skills to be successful in the job you are being interviewed for. Evidence from your experience that confirms that you do have those skills.

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Market sizing, Market entry strategy, and justification of your choices in the math test. Motivational questions.

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How many ties are sold each day in Italy.

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