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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Technical program manager in Los Angeles, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika


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If you have n machines with a 10 GB string of characters on each, how do you find the most common character?

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I got this one I thought. Just ask for a distribution of each character from each machine, send the tables to a master machine which added them up and found the character with the highest frequency. Then he asked questions like “If we make the network faster, does it make sense to send over all the data to one machine?” I respond “no”, and explain that it would actually degrade performance. Finally, toward the end, he asked

distributed reduction. each machine can send the most common character, its count, in its subset of data and do a tree based reduction to find the most common character. the corner case in this approach would be if the most common character is very sparsely distributed among all machines in such a way that its not the most common locally on each machine. to address that, we have have each machine prepare a table with character and its count and report that to a head node which can reduce the table from all machines and sort them to find the most common character.

Can you give an example for the above solution? Wouldn't that require you to pass the whole frequency table to the master node?

Delete middle of Linked List.

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My interviewer pressed me for details about *how* I did my past jobs.

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Give us an example of when you faced a technical and a people challenge at the same time?

Signed an NDA so won't provide specifics. Spend most of your interview prep really learning the Amazon Leadership Principles and preparing multiple examples using the STAR template.

Situational questions. Process questions. What I liked about the company. Where I wanted to be in 5 years. Typical behavioral questions. They are very big on making sure you are a good fit.

What areas can you address in an organization of our size and where we are at?

Why hulu? What do you think a TPM should do in a team?

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