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Fragen in Vorstellungsgesprächen für Consultant in London, Vereinigtes Königreich


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have you ever had conflict with your colleges?

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yes, I have, But I don't argue with people. try to solve it in another way.

Hi Mate, I am thinking of applying to fdm but i am little nervouse about it, can you please help me, I will feel great comfort if i could speak to you directly, please pm me on thx

How many games will be played in a Single-elimination tournament with 37 people

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What kind of a leader are you?

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Do you prefer to work with one outstanding employee or two mediocre employee?

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What is Opera's annual profit?

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how many petrol stations are there in the UK?

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Experience in a multi-cultural environment.

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Do you like a drink?

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No specifically difficult questions. The meetings seemed to be more about cultural fit and subject matter knowledge. Was asked usual things like "what did you learn from a difficult situation?" and "What did you do to turn around a failing search process".

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