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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Legal counsel


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They asked why I wish to join Delivery Hero?

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I answered that I'd like to continue working with M&A but rather as an inhouse and not as an outsourced legal counsel (as im currently working as). Also, the company's huge growth, flat hierarcy and general atmosphere interested me.

Ob ich für weniges Gehalt mehr Arbeitsstunden in Anspruch nehmen würde

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A variety of questions and tasks to assess specific legal expertise but as well assessment of strategic and entrepreneurial thinking and acting. Around 70% of the application process was not answering specific questions or solving tasks but an inspiring exchange of ideas.

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Can you name three Fin-Techs?

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Warum haben Sie sich bei uns beworben? Was wissen Sie schon von uns?

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Reason to start with the company, company products and strategy

Mischung aus generellen "normalen" Interviewfragen (warum inhouse, proudest achievement etc.) und fachlichen Fragen (durch die Aufgaben des Test-Tages).

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