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Senior Product Manager/Product Lead wurde gefragt...28. August 2019

Si tuvieras que trabajar en desarrollar un bug o una nueva funcionalidad y tienes recursos (developers) para trabajar en una de las dos opciones, cuál eligirías?

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Dije que dependiendo el objetivo que tenga. Si por ejemplo el objetivo que tengo es sumar usuarios, la funcionalidad va a permitir que más gente se descargue la app y el bug no va a hacer que los usuarios dejen de usar la app (es decir que podemos convivir con él) entonces dejaría el fix del bug para después. Weniger

Nunca eligiria desarrollar un bug, los bugs se corrijen. El software se desarrolla. Aunque hay gente que piensa "un bug hoy es un pan para mañana" jaja Weniger

US Investigations Services

What skills do you have to benefit our current offerings?

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My prior eDiscovery management and technology experience and relationships with eDiscovery developers and government agencies will allow me to make changes needed for business growth opportunities. Weniger


How do you manage risk?

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They hired someone from within the organization (I was outside).


Behavioral/ situation questions.

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Big name in market, mostly recruitment. Have stable accounts and job security, lot of internal learning and career growth opportunities exists. Weniger

Booz Allen Hamilton

Salary Requirements.

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I agreed to accept less than my market value to prove myself as a government consultant. This strategy worked for me as a went from $80,000 to $134,000 per year in 6 years. At $134,000 I was capped as an client on-site manager. Weniger

American Express

There were no mysterious or key questions. The interview consisted of a friendly open, honest conversation about my past accomplishments and experience. The hiring manager and I talked for about 35 minutes as he conveyed the position details and explained what was expected. One of the standard questions is to give an example of how you manged a particularly difficult situation with a given project, resource or vendor.

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You must be prepared to relate your experience and give clear examples at the same time you develop rapport with the hiring manager. Your answers should clearly demonstrate your abilities to successfully manage the project and its related work. Real life case scenarios work best. Also, clearly demonstrate that you will be an added value / asset to the work or project and that you can be an integral part of the team. Weniger


What project management software have you used to manage your projects?

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MS Project MS Excel Clarity


How do you measure project performance? what software you used?

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Earned Value analysis CPI SPI Software used - MS project

FOX News

Which of our products do you like?

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Yeesh, it's Fox News. Not exactly an unexpected question, but still made me squirm. Weniger

Government Digital Service

What would you do if your team is under pressure to work in a way that isn't "best practice"? For example, delivering a specific thing in a way that's not "agile"?

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I gave an example where my team was under pressure to deliver to a strict deadline that we didn't fully understand. I explained how I managed the stakeholders to get clarity about the needs behind the deadline, and found a way to balance everyone's needs that gave my team more time. I explained that it's not always possible to deliver in a pure "agile" way, but it's about how much more agility you can achieve, given the constraints. This last point seemed to please the panel. Weniger

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