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How would you explain Kubernetes to a child?

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I first wondered how old the child would be, and gave two answers depending on the answer to that. One was for a more advanced child, where I talked about how to allow people to run lots of things across many computers that make your apps work, and let them do things like add more services where they are needed, and how to make sure that your data isn't stored alongside anyone else. For the less advanced child I described how a removals company would be able to store all your different sized toys by putting them in similar boxes, and then when you finished moving house all your toys could still be used once you got them out of the boxes, and would be protected and safe while they moved.

Basic javascript questions, like what is hoisting what are closures etc, few es6 questions.

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Did you take a look into our product?

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When can I start

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Management style questions, how would you resolve conflict in your team, what do you think about this or that.

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Coding: Implement a function in Scala which converts natural numbers to Greek numbers. DevOps: Picture of a web site is not shown, what could be the reasons? Design tracking model in Cassandra

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