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Fragen in Vorstellungsgesprächen für Lead Engineer


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Coding: Implement a function in Scala which converts natural numbers to Greek numbers. DevOps: Picture of a web site is not shown, what could be the reasons? Design tracking model in Cassandra

Basic javascript questions, like what is hoisting what are closures etc, few es6 questions.

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Management style questions, how would you resolve conflict in your team, what do you think about this or that.

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Prepare a demo of technology you know, focus on value for the buyer. Explain why you want to work for Salesforce, what you have to offer and what Salesforce should offer to you

How would you manage the situation when you have low performance people from the managed project?

basic algorithms, Docker, CI/CD, various testing and process (scrum) related questions, review of previous experience, "culture fit" questions etc

Welchen Megatrends unterliegt [fiktiver Kunde] aus der Automobilbranche derzeit? Welche Chancen und Risiken ergeben sich daraus? Wie sehen Mitigierungen aus und wie kann Salesforce bei der konkreten Umsetzung helfen? Was sind die Eckpfeiler der Ohana-Unternehmenskultur und warum sind sie dem Unternehmen wichtig?

Standard interview questions, technical and behavioral, nothing interesting or new.

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