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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Softwareentwickler in Köln


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Coding challenge was to integrate the Imgur API and create a view of all the images in a thumbnail displaying few metadata fields of each image/video. Another view was to display the original image/video with all the metadata relevant to it.

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I created the application in Angular 8, along with RxJS, HTML5, CSS and BEM pattern. Implemented few other concepts like Angular Routing and Proxying API calls. Also, i published the application on GitHub pages

I'm also into Angular, can you share the link to your code challenge solution? Why did you deny the job offer if you could solve it just fine? Thank you!

What does 'synchronized(someObject)' mean in a code snippet

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Discussion about previous projects and experience

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Warum bei Check24 arbeiten? Was hat dich dazu bewegt bei uns zu Bewerben?

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Which is your favorite STL container?

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How did you manage this technical problem in your company? In cultural fit interview call!!!

- Questions related to previous experiences - Why questions for certain technologies

Compare different programming languages and their usage and some algorithmic questions.

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