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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Junior researcher


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What do you know about the company ? How/Why do you think you can contribute to the team?

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Dear Candidate, Within the round of application to get the job, did you also go through an Excel Test while having to do also your interview? I have postulated myself for the same position, also in Cologne, what type of questions did you get in the Excel Test? Is it difficult or easy? In which areas should I focus myself? I have my interview and Excel Test on the next days and I would like to rock it!

Motivation, experiences Nothing really about personal matters

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Nennen Sie eine Situation, in der es schwierig war ihr gegenueber von einem Standpunkt zu ueberzeugen.

If your customer wants to enter a new market, what will look into?

Fragen zur Motivation und Werdegang, sowie kurzes Gespräch in englischer Sprache

What are your past experience on the projects pertaining to optimization? What are the modeling approaches you used in the past projects?

Please introduce yourself. Which experiences have you already gained in the field of market research?

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