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Junior Performance Analyst wurde gefragt...1. Juli 2015

Experience questions, and skills

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about my experiences and skills

Cerved Group

Do you know us? Why you are here? Question about markets and mortgage calculations.

Cambridge Associates, LLC

Why didnt you join any clubs or societies in school?

Western Union

Roles and Responsibilities in current organization.

Cambridge Associates, LLC

I would think the most difficult part would be the case study. Be sure to read up on what does the role require you to do, and the other roles of the other parties that you would be liaising with, such as the investment consultants and MSG. You would need to know how each parties work, in order to come up with the questions and the report plan.

Cambridge Associates, LLC

What would you do if you could get any job you want?

Western Union

how would you validate API script.

Cambridge Associates, LLC

After the case study and presentation, are you still interested in this job?

Cambridge Associates, LLC

Why this industry instead of what you have studied.

Cambridge Associates, LLC

None. They were all basic.

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