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Junior Full Stack Developer wurde gefragt...7. Oktober 2019

What is the difference between '==' and '===' in JS?

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'==' = a loose equality operator. It equates 2 objects based on their value. '===' = a strict equality operator. It equates 2 objects based on their value as well as their type. 1=="1" is true, yet 1==="1" is false. Weniger

FreshWorks Studio

In addition to questions about my technical knowledge of various software development practices, and technologies, I was asked a lot of questions about my personality and opinions on how to interact and communicate with people. One such question was 'how would you deal with working with a project partner that isn't pulling their weight in the project?'

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I answered honestly, and gave my reasoning for why and how I would approach the person. I felt that; helping them to understand their roles and responsibilities was only one part of the situation, and that it was a much more important issue as to how the person was approached. I agreed that something would need to be done before the situation got out of hand, but that it should be approached from a place of understanding, not accusation. I also believed that under certain circumstances, it may not even be expected of me to talk to the person, as there would be a project manager who would also be noticing these issues . Weniger

Malouf Companies

Have you used PHP before? And are you set on using C#?

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I haven't used it before but it's something that I am willing to learn with the job as well as learning it outside of work to improve my knowledge on it. I have no ties to C#, if the company is going to use PHP as there language then that's what I'm going to use. Weniger


Write a function that returns a list of all the duplicate files.

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Can u provide what kind of questions were asked for hacker rank

Me preguntaron si tenia experiencia con api rest

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Les respondi que no, pero que conocia como se manejaba.

Leap Tools

2nd: Convert the given matrix to symmetric matrix with minimum insert (row/column) operations.

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Use recursion. Check the most left/right-hand side columns or top/bottom rows. If they are not the same you have to use insertion operation. Weniger


Find the number in the array that is closest to zero (with a few edge cases)

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I think this was the only good question in the test.

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Basic Core Java questions, mostly focused on REST based microservices, database and hibernate

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Pretty basic questions on Java 8 features, collections, stream, REST advantages and disadvantages as well as database connection and stored procedure, they will see your approach to the problem Weniger

FreshWorks Studio

In JavaScript, what is the difference between the "===" operator and the "==" operator?

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Both operators are nearly the same except no type conversion is done in the "===" operator. This means with "===", both types have to match in order for the result to be equal. Weniger

Summitworks Technologies

How much experience do you have with Python?

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