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Fragen in Vorstellungsgesprächen für IT Architect


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do you think the group could you do better than it just did at the group excercise?

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Provide an architecture draft for your system from the home to the backend IT @ Allianz. Let's assume that the sensor can only determine that someone is in the house by viewing the activity at the door and that the insurance rate changes based on open/close events from the door (open/close = someone is there).

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Write down the algorithm that determines if someones "insurance policy" needs to be adapted based on the incoming event streams from the houses.

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Outline a business model of Allianz in the contex of Internet of Things and explain it.

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Die schwierigste Frage war die nach einer Entscheidung zum Studienabbruch und ob ich das im Nachhinein als Fehler betrachtet habe.

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What kind of technologies would you use for the different parts of the architecture?

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