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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Consultant in Hyderabad, Indien


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Answer: 24 These are pins which are grounded. See:

31 difference of any instant two (right minus left) is kept in the alternate left place. so 31 (?) 19 =12

What are the steps in Consolidation of Financial Statements

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can we write "public static void main()" as " void public static main()" ?

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What can lead to a project failure?

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would you leave the company if you get an offer of double what you pay you now ?

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questions related to technical skills which candidate would have

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Basic Journal Entries

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After first round, which mostly had questions based on percentage, profit-loss, speeds & distance, the second round basically involved around behavioral aspect- checking your communication skills plus motivation level by HR. Questions such as : What is the one thing in life that you regret/boast of? How would you rate yourself? etc. there was a ppt presentation involved which was basically aimed at checking your communication plus presentation/felicitation skills. third round had Guesstimate questions (started with very simple ones, and ended on moderately tough ones). again check of communication skills, speaking about job prospects, Why leave previous company, etc. basically a rewind of second round plus some puzzles here and there.

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First round: 1) What is yield method 2) What is join method 3) difference between wait and sleep 4) real example of singleton 5) In eclipse, on what basis the tool suggest to catch/thow an exception 6) use of synchronize block in Thread 7) serilazation related to static variables/transient 8) parent class is serialized and child class not and vice versa 9) HashMap - inserting same keys and values 10) HashSet vs HashMap Second round: 1) how to avoid concurrentmodificationexception 2) what is factory design pattern 3) How to pass the session information from one application to another application

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How would i handle a situation where a colleague does something which is against the business practice, and is at risk of job termination if found out by the management?

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