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Fragen in Vorstellungsgesprächen für Analyst in Hyderabad, Indien


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Do you have any questions?

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I had researched a lot and had a fair amount of knowledge anyway so I refrained from asking questions in a couple of interviews. Later on, I realized it's actually a great sign if one can ask relevant questions based on the just conducted interview (and not researched, well-rehearsed questions).

after first round of phone interview with some one from operation team, how many days does it take to get called for second round of interview?

I got a call from the HR within a couple of hours confirming that I'm through to the next round. I think the official mail came in about a day or two.

How many smaller cubes are completely invisible in a n*n*n rubic's cube?

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Whats your expectation from TCS?

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How would you know how many people are wearing red colour shirt in the city?

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Accounts and case studies.

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1) Many core technical questions and they depend on the technology the position is for. 2) Behavioural and management questions on how you handled the team etc

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what is your name ?

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If you were the CEO of IBM, what would you do?

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what do you expect to learn from facebook? (this was unexpected, not difficult)

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tell me something about yourself

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