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Fragen in Vorstellungsgesprächen für Human Resources


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What do you want to do in HR?

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Details über die Bachelorarbeit.

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Some specific questions relating HR topics and etc. Some personal backgrounds and knowledge test questions.

Eigene Erwartung an die Stelle, beispielsweise welche Erfahrungen man in der Zeit bei movinimage gerne sammeln möchte/welche Bereichte oder Aspekte der Stelle man gerne kennenlernen und/oder umsetzen möchte.

What did you do at XYZ company? Describe situations when you performed HR tasks. What would you do if a warehouse employee came in late? What do you think HR assistant's tasks are? How do you deal with stress? Describe a stressful situation you were in. Also general questions about the German labor laws.

Asking for reasons why I switch, what I expect - all in all common questions, the interview on site was more a conversation about HR general instead a classic interview.

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