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Tel me.about yourself Why this role What would you do if team members and managers did not get along well What are the performance metrics for an organization

The role is a typical Senior HRBP role, supporting an organization of about 150 employees. While the role is still being built within the organization and some operational tasks sit with the HRBP, they seem wish to improve that. The questions asked are mainly around previous experience, the size of the organizations supported, relationship with main stakeholders, HR projects, examples of previous challenges and how they were dealt with, scenario-based questions, etc.

Wie groß ist ihr derzeitiges Unternehmen -> das kann man in Vorbereitung auf ein Interview auch googlen

Was war der größte Erfolgt, den Sie in den letzten zwei Jahren erreicht haben und selber verantwortet haben?

Mit welchem Unternehmenswert ich mich identifiziere und weshalb. Ob Weiterbildung relevant ist und weshalb. Wechselgründe.

I got asked a lot about the HelloFresh culture and values.

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The CRO asked mostly about my experience and my CV. Many of the questions were the same from the previous conversation I had with the head of HR. He did ask a few questions about people development and retention. He seemed enthusiast about my application and told me I would hear feedback in a couple of days. Never heard back. Chased up the head of HR twice, and my messages were ignored.

Performance Plans, Career Path Concepts, Typical Business Partnering topics

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