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Große Projekte der letzten Monate

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Einführung von Entgeltmodellen

I got asked a lot about the HelloFresh culture and values.

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Could you tell me what do you do to understand the business and the company?

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Wie beurteilen Sie die Candidate Expierence bisher?

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how would you make your boss change his mind about a situation? (Differebt examples)

The role is a typical Senior HRBP role, supporting an organization of about 150 employees. While the role is still being built within the organization and some operational tasks sit with the HRBP, they seem wish to improve that. The questions asked are mainly around previous experience, the size of the organizations supported, relationship with main stakeholders, HR projects, examples of previous challenges and how they were dealt with, scenario-based questions, etc.

-talk about you -how do prioritise tasks -how would you conduct a recruitment process from end to end -which tools/portals do you use to recruit -how do you understand if a candidate is a good match -behavioural question

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