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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Hardware Engineer


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Was machen Sie bei Ihrem Hobby X? (Bezugnehmend auf Angabe im Lebenslauf)

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Herausgestellt was bei diesem Hobby auch relevant ist für die angestrebte Stelle.

Naja, wenn das Hobby Relevanz für die Arbeitstätigkeit hat, dann kann der Job nicht besonders anspruchsvoll sein...

No technique questions at all. Some questions from hr are unrelevant and very uncomfortable: What is your dad/mom's job? Do you have brother or sister? Are you single child? Why do you come to Germany, why don't you stay in your own country? Do you have friends or roommates in Germany or you just live with your country mate?

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How and when do you decide that your testing is enough?

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Questions based on assertion, code/functional coverage, Formal verification. UVM methods to override, set config, pass vif to config.

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What is your favorite electronic device?

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They asked me to draw an audio circuit/block diagram on the blackboard and we discussed some details related to analog filtering of the signal

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