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Create an app fetching car details from a server and showing them in a list. Then localize hem in a google map. Also showing all the cars in the map as pins

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Project created

How you created the app? What sort of ui and code organisation you adopted that satisfied mytaxi team ? I did created the app with was functional as per their requirements but certainly that was not what they are looking for please let us know

Did you use unit tests in your code?

technologies, not algorithms nor data structures

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Overview of your previous experience and your team work

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In coding test, they gave no clear requirements, just some api call and location update related question.

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Differences of abstract and interface?

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Do you think your solution should be using X framework ... ?

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Why want to leave current company?

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Background check. Goals, future plans.

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Given two lists of numbers sorted in decreasing order, output a single list sorted in decreasing order.

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