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technologies, not algorithms nor data structures

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How long it took to receive their process termination email. Was it right away or they took some time to respond?

2-3 days

What kind of questions they ask on the technical review of your solution? Best Regards

Differences of abstract and interface?

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Do you think your solution should be using X framework ... ?

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Going through code and discussing

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What are props in ReactJS.

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Plain sql question

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Nennen Sie mir OO Design Patterns

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Erläuterung des Starschemas (Datawarehouse)

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## Task 1 * Write a new Controller for maintaining cars. * Decide on your own how the methods should look like. * Entity Car: Should have at least the following characteristics: license_plate, seat_count, convertible, rating, engine_type (electric, gas, ...) * Entity Manufacturer: Decide on your own if you will use a new table or just a string column in the car table. * Extend the DriverController to enable drivers to select a car they are driving with. * Extend the DriverController to enable drivers to deselect a car. * Extend the DriverDo to map the selected car to the driver. ## Task 2 First come first serve: A car can be selected by exactly one ONLINE Driver. If a second driver tries to select a already used car you should throw a CarAlreadyInUseException. ## Task 3 Make use of the filter pattern to implement an endpoint in the DriverController to get a list of drivers with specific characteristics. Reuse the characteristics you implemented in task 1. ## Task 4 Security: secure the API. It's up to you how you are going to implement the security.

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