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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Operations in Hamburg


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Was ist deine persönliche Geschichte und wie können wir diese gemeinsam weiter schreiben?

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Was planst du in den nächsten 6-12 Monaten?

How many Smarties fit in one Tesla

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The basic questions to company uses any-more: "Why should we hire you", "Do you know our games", "How many words per minute can you type".

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Was ist ihre Motivation für den Job

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Practical questions regarding relocation to Hamburg, alignment on salary and remuneration package

First phone interview asked questions like 1. Why Amazon 2. Why operations 3. Tell me a time when you showed bias for action e.t.c Virtual panel interview 1. Asked me to tell about a time that I dived into data 2. The second question talked about Bias for action The second interview discussed the role in more detail and asked me what I thought the role entailed. I had to describe my future activity on day to day basis. I think my performance in this interview was fairly good. Unfortunately, I have been rejected from proceeding. Too bad I did not learn anything from this process and about how to improve in future.

Normal interview questions on background, what is expected of me if employed. salary expectation, and also experience Nothing extra ordinary

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