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Fragen in Vorstellungsgesprächen für Graduate Software Engineer


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Design an in-memory online url-shortening system, specifically database layout and necessary hardware. Scale to 1 university (50K users). Followups: - SQL specifics - Estimate message and request sizes - scale to 1 million users - "what about locality?" --> route & shard requests depending on user location

In a game of Word Boggle, how many possibilities are there? Followups: (he expected me to ask for limits on word length etc.) How would one efficiently compute possible words given a dictionary? how long could that take? -> implement on whiteboard

Do a Java code-review. The class in question had many faults, from sloppy class seperation, to singletons and bad testability overall.

In an unbalanced binary tree, find the rightmost element in the lowest level. The engineer expected me to talk no more than a few minutes about the algorithm, then start implementing it.

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