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What IT developments do you think are an opportunity for RWE and what are the barriers to implement this.

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The use of big data

What do you know about the company?

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E.g. Any difficult situation in previous experiences, how do you handle it?

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What is one thing that you believe to be true about yourself, that others would be surprised to hear?

Do a Java code-review. The class in question had many faults, from sloppy class seperation, to singletons and bad testability overall.

Tell me about a time you were in a complex situation and had to ask someone for advice. What was the most important decision you ever made and how did you come to that decision? What are the current market trends? Tell me about a time where you made a decision but were persuaded otherwise. Tell me about how you would act in a crisis (referring to the terror attacks in Tunisia).

Design an in-memory online url-shortening system, specifically database layout and necessary hardware. Scale to 1 university (50K users). Followups: - SQL specifics - Estimate message and request sizes - scale to 1 million users - "what about locality?" --> route & shard requests depending on user location

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