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Hello, I got selected for Assessment centre for E.On graduate IT trainee program, May I kindly request you to provide some more details regarding Assessment centre prepration. Thank You Kind Regards Himanshu Joshi

Hello, Congrats! There are only a few candidates invited to the Assessment Center (AC) (around 8-10). So good job so far! The AC is going be a "full day screen" so try to get a good night sleep the day before. As it takes some hours, I can only recommend to be authentic and to try to be yourself. There will be role plays and a case study to solve, but nothing really bad. However, I don't know the questions as my AC was 6 years ago...The most important thing they want to see is how you react in stressful situations, how you behave in a team and how you solve problems. Good luck! Sabine

Hi Sabine, Thank you for your nice feedback , I will try my best for this position. Thank You Kind Regards Himanshu Joshi

What is your biggest achievement?

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What IT developments do you think are an opportunity for RWE and what are the barriers to implement this.

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What was your motivation to apply this programme?

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What is the vision of Airbus?

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Warum möchte ich für Shell arbeiten?

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What major trends can you identify currently in the tech industry?

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Was zeichnet Sie besonders aus um in diesem Feld zu arbeiten?

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Welchen Mehrwert können Sie der Coba liefern?

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Warum möchten Sie als Ingenieur in der Materialbeschaffung aktiv sein?

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