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Wie oben schon beschrieben wurden immer wieder die gleichen Fragen gestellt. Eine Frage war: Meinen Sie das ein Manager einmal eine Bauchentscheidung treffen muss? oder Meinen Sie sie ind ein guter Manager?

Please explain more Detail in your responsibility and Task in current/past Position. What is your strength and weakness? (regarding personality & Skill) Why do you want to Change Job? What did you learn from the past experience? Where do you see in 5/10years? Explain your experience as a Manager/ Project Manager.

Questions about previous experience and choices made and also what is position of Freshworks now and where do you like to take it. Why and how?

How would you grow revenues in an already saturated account? Tell us about difficult situations you have mastered Which are the 3 most important things for you in sales?

Functional panels tested my skills in following areas: - team management - sales process - problem solving and data

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