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Are you familiar with rest api's ?

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Yes, and proceed to explain some basic REST concepts

REST APIs are a standardized form of requesting data from a service or a task performed, using well known commands (e.g. GET, PUT, DELETE, etc.) and syntax (URL format).

Developer going to the board and writing some html: "if you had to generate 200 items, how would you do this? Please write the code on the board" .

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HR: questions about motivation, background, expectations..

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What do you know about the compnay?

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she: how many years of JS development do you have? me: +5 years SHE: have you ever wrote code? ME: SHE: have you ever worked with product? ME: sorry what kind of product you mean... SHE: A product! any product!!

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Q: When writing code for a project, when do you consider it done?

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What is functional programming?

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How do you keep yourself updated with web technologies.

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Welche Vorkenntnisse haben sie in der Programmierung mit React?

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