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Convert all the words with 3 alphabets to upper case in a sentence.(JS)

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function convert(string){ return string.split(' ').map(function(value){ if(value.length == 3) return value.toUpperCase(); return value; }).join(' '); }

better way is: function convertStr(str, limit){ if(limit === 0){return new Error("required limit is minimum 1")}; var temp = str.split(''); for(var i=0; i

sentences = "ben seni severim cocuk" sentences.split(" ").map(word => convert(word)) function convert(word){ if(word.length === 3) { word = word.toUpperCase(); return word } return word }

Haben Sie Erfahrung mit Unit Testing?

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Coding challenge was to integrate the Imgur API and create a view of all the images in a thumbnail displaying few metadata fields of each image/video. Another view was to display the original image/video with all the metadata relevant to it.

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Have done any reach JS applications?

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Do you know about object oriented JavaScript?

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Where you see yourself in 5 years?

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What are the benefits of static versus dynamic typed languages?

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when is the last time you leave your comfort zone?

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how to make http GET request when url params break the limit of url.

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Write a function to get prime numbers upto n.(JS) follow up question: Improve its performance and efficiency.

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