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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Analyst in Frankfurt


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Just training!

Hi, I just got invited to Frankfurt as well, would be really great if you could post some of the technical questions they asked you?

Warum will ich bei Nielsen arbeiten

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Welche Vorstellung von Projektarbeit haben Sie?

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Welchen Mehrwert können Sie der Coba liefern?

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Vostellung eines fiktiven Cases beim Kunden

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Please describe one of the BearingPoint values and describe how you acted according to this value in your professional/personal life?

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Very general questions

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I saw that there were two parts, an accounting part and a company valuation, or corporate finance one. They first asked about consolidation; How are the subsidiary or invested companies (100% represented in the balance sheet. If we buy an equipment, how does that change in the income statement? And after one year? What is goodwill What is comprised in the intangible assets? How are the deferred earnings accounted DCF formula Know all the multiples formula and what is it for Know what it is the EV, how we obtain the share price from DCF Unlevered Beta

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Was sind Ihre stärken?

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Was würden sie auf eine einsame Insel mitnehmen.

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