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first about my self they questioned next orignal

  certificates verification technical, registration, experience,conduct. next what type of instruments you handled, next is theoritical questions about subject what is window period for HIV? when Donor reactions occurs what you will do? when "o" group donor blood not crossmatched to "o" group recipient what you will do next? what is ELISA? What is PCR? How platelets separation done manually? Rh Negetive how you confirm?

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HIV window period is 3 months.

when Donor reactions occurs immediatly patient should be lie on bed head down side legs up, putting free air condtion, putting some water in face, clean with guage peice or tissue paper, giving some water, talking with donor for any vomitation feeling any dizziness, giving actions for deep breaths,givng some medicatin under doctors exmination,giving some rest.

when "o" group donor blood not crossmatched to "o" group recipient next step is to confirm the blood group is "O" Group or not than next it find for BOMBAY Blood group with h H lectin

ELISA means Enzyme Linked Immunosorbant Assay it is the one of the method for detecting Infectious deseases.

PCR means Polymerised Chain Reaction. it is nucleic acid Test, it is also one of the method for detecting infectious deseases in Early stages.

platelets separation done manually by after centrifugation in the component room there is luminochamber manual operating bag pressure with clampings of extra bags.

Rh Negetive confirmd by Du test.

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