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Field Service Technician wurde gefragt...9. März 2017

Can you start immediately?

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I can start in 3-4 weeks.


I can start in two weeks

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Enterprise Consulting Solutions

The interview is all based on your experiences and what they expect from you on the job. Most unexpected question: "What are the parts of a medical records file?" The HIPPA / HITECH testing is pretty long, about 2-3 hours on the computer.

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You'll need to be famiiar with an old fashioned paper chart!

It would have. Important information like the patients name , addeess, phone number, medical historu and the physician notes etc Weniger

Patients name address , date of birth,phone etc..the medical history and the nurse or physicians notes etc Weniger

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Morris Group

Do you have a flexible schedule? and Do you mind driving?

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Do you get a Vehicle

I am a single guy with no real commitments outside of work, and I drive a lot for my current employer. I don't mind driving at all. Weniger

Ground Engineering Consultants

Are you willing to travel?

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Willing to travel to all areas of the lower 48 states except: Houston, Texas, Northeast seaboard, and West Coast. Weniger

National Oilwell Varco

Do you mind traveling?

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Absolutely not.

Only to go home



How do you like working here?

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I love working away to have international working experience to help bulid my cv,for froder opportunities.that will help me make more money. Weniger

I am interested in the job that was posted.

Great work environment, Great teamwork, overall Great.

Virgin Media

When have you dealt with an angry customer?

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Did you ever hear back after your interview? I am still awaiting a response since my face to face and that was nearly 3 weeks ago. All i keep being told is 'we are waiting for the hiring managers response'... Weniger

What did they do or say at the assessment day? i have got one on monday the 22nd of may 2017 ? thanks Shaun Weniger

I had the assessment day with Kelly group Virgin Media a few weeks ago and they told me I was successful and gave me a start date so I handed my notice in at my job. Then they pushed back the start date twice before finally I called to ask what was going on and they said all training courses are now cancelled and there are no jobs for any of us Weniger

DCP Midstream LP

Was there a time in your career where you had to overcome an obstacle, and what did you do to overcome it.

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Gave a pretty extensive example and described what I did in the situation.

No I have always entered employment on my previous holds with no worries or problems Weniger

Yes there has been as far as trouble shooting in the Industrial field. Many times I was able to figure it out my self. If not I would call for assistance. Weniger

Enterprise Consulting Solutions

describe parts of a medical record

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Parts of the medical record are Demographics, vital signs, diagnosis, medications, lab results, treatment plan, and radiology images. also shot records,and allergies. Weniger

diagnosis treatment, hx, BP, heart rate, pulse, weight. height. length of vst, est, new etc... Weniger

ECS Limited

Are you prepared to work from 6am to 6pm 6 days a week outdoors?

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Not difficult, but rather a weed out question.

The interviewer should have also added, "for low pay and no recognition". That is the ECS way. I was a former employee. Weniger

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