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Field Service Engineer wurde gefragt...24. November 2014

You are hiking through the jungle and stumble across a treasure chest in a 9ft DIA, 11 ft deep hole. List solutions to the retrieval of the treasure chest.

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If the chest has handles, you can create a mechanical structure over the hole, to winch it up. If it does not, drop a ladder into the hole, climb down and attempt to open treasure chest. Small C4 charge and some det cord should get you around most locks. There are endless answers, a crane, etc... Weniger

I will try to get a ladder or tie a rope to a tree nearby, go down the hole and carry the treasure chest in my hands out of the hole. The point is they have not mentioned anything about the treasure chest size. So i will presume it to be a small size chest. Weniger

Dig a slot on the edge of the hole to 11ft outside maybe and make a ramp. It will give you a 45degree slope to go down and pull the chest up. Weniger

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I was offered the job on Thursday night after the interview, went home told my wife we celebrated! received an email on Friday evening at 7:30 informing me that there was no jobs available? ? however my file was being kept for 6 month's? ?

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I had similar, did all tests and assessments and was told I was successful, completed the medical and got a certificate saying I was fit to be a sky installer. Then the day after this got an email saying I was successful but the position was filled so they will keep me on file. Hoping to hear in the near future but not holding my breath... Weniger

Sky wasted so much of my time! To treat me and others the way they have is disgusting! Really disappointed they bang on and on about customer service yet one of there engineers told me that "the best way to stop customers moaning is sky will throw them a bone ie: free WiFi for a month or half price for 6 month's most of our customers are stupid and jump at the chance " his word's? I just sat there thinking I'm a sky customer lol .. anyway even if they did offer me a position now I wouldn't take it I'm certainly not working for a company that can do this to people. Weniger

Think this has happened to me also. Passed assessment with the word ‘aced’ the assessment in my email and I will be put in a talent pool until a position becomes available. But surely that’s why I went through the whole interview process in the first place ? Who knows! Fingers crossed I guess Weniger

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Evertz Microsystems

change Linux folder permission

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chmod -R 755 /usr/local/myStuff - This will change user access to myStuff directory or folder to Read, Write, Execute. Weniger

- rwe rwe rwe

~ rwe rwe rwe

Electro Scientific Industries

How would you troubleshoot an unresponsive user interface monitor using a multipage schematic?

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Using the schematics that are provided, I would, first, see if the monitor is getting power at a sufficient amount. Then I would measure the Voltage from the power source to the power entrance of the monitor and then work on narrowing the search down to a component or group of components of that is what’s necessary. Weniger

Font type was too small for most people my age to read. Good reading glasses might have saved the day because I was able to answer well once I finally located the "monitor" in the schematic. Weniger

I applied at esi and was making $60k a year. Left to stay closer to home - approched 60% travel - worked at semiconductor plant for 4 years - 're-appplied at former manager's request, but offer was $15k less than when I left and they needed experienced help that could hit the ground running. Perfect fit Right? Wrong. Everyone wanted me, but no-one in HR understood "Experiance" . The went with a rookie and it cost them. LOL Big Time. Weniger


Customer service based

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not a greatcompany to work with. they just abuse people. I passed my phone interview and now feel like I don't wanna work for this cunning company. Weniger

Did you ever get a call back?

Did you ever hear back from sky? If so. How long before they got back to you?

Tetra Pak

Why did you choose Engineering as a Profession and why did you choose to interview with Tetra Pak

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Dear Sir, Can you explain more detailed the tests that we have to do? Can you give some examples? Especially in automation? It is changing the code? Is it on Siemens S7? Weniger

i did not choose engineering, what I had in mind for my future was not working for me in terms of the finances involved in studying the course, so I chose engineering because it came as an opportunity in my the present situation and i could not turn it down. I chose to interview with Tetra Pak because after searching for information about them, I find them as a company that I can gain a lot of values and growth from and which i can give something back to Weniger

Could you give more details of the Manufacturing planning exercise? Many thanks in advanced Weniger

Tetra Pak

production planning excercise

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Dear Sir, Can you explain more detailed the tests that we have to do? Can you give some examples? Especially in automation? It is changing the code? Is it on Siemens S7? Weniger

Hello Mate, Can you please share about the typology of the questions from the interview, the mechanical and electrical ones! Please help :) Thank you! Weniger

Please Sir. What was their answer to the production planning exercise when you were asked?. Thanks Weniger


How do you calculate Critical Dimension for semiconductor

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I didn't know how to answer

I wouldn't have calculated it, I would use microscopy/SEM and measured it using quartzPCI. Or just said in Angstroms. Weniger

You calculate in micro inches.

Tetra Pak

Technical and HR related

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Dear Sir, Can you explain more detailed the tests that we have to do? Can you give some examples? Especially in automation? It is changing the code? Is it on Siemens S7? Weniger

Just be yourself.

Could you give more details of the case study? Many Thanks

Diebold Nixdorf

Do you know how to ping a host network from a laptop?

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