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What you know about Nvidia especially in Automotive?

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Gave them two examples of their products for Automotive Sector; PX2 and CX.

Technical questions, background experience.

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I know your are French, not really flexible and available after hours? and if I need to call you what happen.

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A very interesting question is "Why are you not joining the operators (Shell, BP, etc), you will have a more stable and better career there?

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-Past experience(Brief) -Logging tools -Issue observed by you in field -fast dormancy -Network capabilities (Bands etc) -CA -MIMO -Handovers

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where will you see you in 5 years?

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Sie werden angerufen und eine Maschine schickt im Betrieb keine Daten mehr. Die baugleiche Anlage nebenan hat keine Probleme. Wie würden Sie an das Problem herangehen und ab wann würden Sie es abgeben?

I think same as any company. Why do you want to work at coperion? Do you have experience, do you speak english or german or ... Basic questions.

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