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MWD wurde gefragt...28. August 2010

how many cubic feet of water is in a 9 inch dia pipe 100 feet long.

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The real answer is Pi*Radius^2*Length or 3.14159*(9/2/12)^2*100 = about 44.2 cuft Weniger

The real answer is Pi*Radius^2*Length or 3.14159*(9/2/12)^2*100 = 40 cu ft

^ These big dumb dumbs lol Volume of a cylinder = pi * r^2 * h 3.14 * 4.5^2 * (100*12inches) = 76,302 cubic inches 76,302 / 12 = 6,358.5 cubic feet Weniger

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Leam Drilling Systems

Are you capable of being gone/working for extended periods of time

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This question will most likely come up, the nature of this job is where the rigs are and when the jobs are, you may not return home for several months. they need people who are willing to dedicate themselves to the job and sacrifice family, friends, and other comforts. come prepared to talk about austere conditions, long hours worked, success, mental toughness, and a willingness to commit to this kind of work. This above all will let them know that you want to work and you are willing to learn. Weniger

Yes I would be able to do so

Yes. I was a reamer hand for 15 years. My job was to go to rigs and run tools for up to 90 days straight Weniger


How willing are you to travel and be away from your friends and family?

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I have always been willing to do what it takes to not just gain employment but to possibly be the best at what ever it is that I am doing. I suggest to be honest and up front in regards to this type of question. This job is 100% travel time but you will be compensated for it. Will you miss your friends and family? Yes, but you will always have the financial freedom you may not have always had in the past. Weniger

Say yes and mean it. If you aren't willing to travel and basically abandon your social life you will burn out and quit. Place emphasis that your family is supporting your decision to travel 100% and live on site. Weniger


What are the different uses for a styrofoam cup apart from holding liquid and eating?

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Non conductive so it can be used in that capacity, used as a cushion, folded to hold things up or apart, Weniger

pencil case


You've worked in an office for some time. What makes you think you would be able to make the transition from the office to the field?

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I've had field jobs before and enjoyed the challenges they brought.

I've recently come down with a severe case of depression and hate my life enough to subject myself to working in the field. Weniger

What is inclination of wellbore?

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Wellbore inclination is the angle, measured in degrees, between the wellbore and the perpendicular line to the formation. Weniger


Why did I want to go back in the field?

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I was looking to continue the working experience until things improved.

Phoenix Technology Services


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Showed them on the paper

Scientific Drilling

What was my background

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With the my background information


You live 6 hours away from Houston and are close to where a lot of our work is, but when you're done with each job, you'll have to drive your ass all the way to Houston and then drive all the way back home. Doesn't this bother you?

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From my understanding you have to travel from home to the rig. The coordinator made it clear that I would not have to travel to the shop. Weniger

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