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Enterprise Account Manager wurde gefragt...14. April 2015

If you had 9 balls, all of the same color and size - but, one weighed more than all of the others of equal weight - using a balance scale and only two opportunities to weigh the balls, how would you go about locating this ball?

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Split the 9 balls into 3 groups of 3. Weight two random groups against each other. If it tilts then take 2 random balls from the heavier group to weight, one on each side. If it balances, the heavy ball is the one you didn't weight. If it tilts you know which one is the heaviest. In the first weigh-in, if it balances you know that the heavy ball is in the third group of 3 you didn't weigh. So you take 2 random balls from that group and weigh them one on each side.If it balances, the heavy ball is the one you didn't weight. If it tilts you know which one is the heaviest. Weniger

Like a google question. Put all nine on the scale. You weigh 4:5. Then remove one. Whichever way the balance tilts has the heavier ball(unless you luckily pick the heavier ball and they balance out and you get it on the first shot). Remove the 4 balls that weigh less. Now you only have 4 balls. One of which you know is the heavier ball. Place two balls on either side of the scale again. Tada! Weniger

I drew it out on paper to figure out the answer. This was actually the only fun part of the interview. Weniger


Tell me about a time you had a challenging client and what you did to overcome the challenge.

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I described a client who was adamantly against anything I had to offer his company and a unique way I went about reaching him and getting a meeting. I explained how I eventually got the customer's buy-in and he became an advocate of our product. Weniger

I have seen "the list" of interview questions but would love to see the list of answers, and how they help employers find that magical employee. Really, what can be gleaned by a question like this, or one of the many others ie: What have you done in the past that you consider your greatest accomplishment? Really? It would always be giving birth to and raising my child, not something employers want to hear, but it is the truth. Maybe we need to lie just to get a job? No, not something I will ever do. Maybe I need to open my own company, lol Weniger



Which "rule" would you remove to free up the most of amount of revenue for this client?

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it's the most obvious choice, regardless of risk rates, charge backs rates etc. literally just choose the one with the most orders, i.e. the most revenue. Weniger

To reduce the cycle period of Work Done, by remove the unnecessary work from Current Cycle Period Weniger


What are the best qualities for a sales manager?

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Listening skills: you need to listen to what the customer really needs Presentation skills: you need to be able to present the company product thoroughly and make the customer understand why it's essential to them, how it covers their needs. Communication skills: you need to be able to communicate with the customer and pass the requirements to the rest of your team. It is all about team work. 😊 Weniger

Went through my cv IN DETAIL. was trying to gauge my story

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every CV should tell a story.. so I geared my story from my strengths and the Job requirements. I was successful, and am meeting with the managing director nexst Weniger


Non relevant questions asked

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No relevant answer

SpringPeople Software

Market about the training industry

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Based on the market research


How do you handle a competitive pricing?

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I don't sell on price. It isn't sustainable. I sell features, support, quality etc. Weniger

Frontier Enterprises

What makes you prepared for this position ?

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I managed to sisplay my ability to sell and maintain a healthy funnel to meet my goals. Weniger


What is your vertical specialization, for e.g your earlier clients belong to which particular vertical

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BFSI, Manufacturing etc

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