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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Enterprise account executive


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My biggest win in life so far.

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There were some biggest wins in life. Privat and professional. I described some situations.

My sales prospecting approach, relationship building skills and sales successes.

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how to build a pipeline

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What was your previous experience and how can it be applied here? What do you know about this specific area, in detail?

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non relevant questions to Enterprise Architecture

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Warum möchten Sie hier arbeiten?

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Why should we hire you, tell me about yourself. Very little chance to ask questions back. They asked my salary expectations - I politely gave a number below market rate for such a position, if other personal development/training was on offer - then was told "the budget is much lower for this role". This company is a complete waste of time

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Tell me something about yourself

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What is the reason why I want to go to Contentful?

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