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Fragen in Vorstellungsgesprächen für Engineering Manager


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The questions seemed to focus on my experience at larger competitors to Zalando - how did we solve specific problems, etc. and less on my own, personal experience, management style, etc.

* Write pseudo code for the proposed solution? * What is the complexity of solution?

We mostly discussed real life examples/experience related to people skills, and topics from the area of expertise of a team I would be joining.

1. Introduce yourself 2. What is the greatest achievement in your career? 3. What is the difficult scenario you faced in project management career? 4. Willing to relocate? 5. Salary expectations? 6. Explain schedule management / risk management / earn value management 7. What do you know about rheinmetall landsystem project / product you are interviewed for? 8. Having worked as “head of engineering”, how do you feel being interviewed for “project manager” position? 9. Why did you leave your second job? 10. What did you enjoy the most within your MBA education? 11. What do you expect within rheinmetall working environment? 12. Why do you want to leave your current job, having promoted to Head of engineering position recently? 13. Do you have any moral issues considering the fact that, you will work for Defence products that kill people

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