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I was applying for an engineering manager and all the questions was about hiring the team members, and many things that are really the job of the recruiter not the hiring manager. I am supposed to give them a specific skill sets or JD to look for and present the results to me. she was asking as if i was going to be the recruiter not the hiring manager!!

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I told her that i definitely work with the recruitment team to define and share the JD as well as during the selection and the hiring process in order to be able to match the needed JD with the right candidate.

It was a lengthy, seven-step process, but I applaud them for their thoroughness. "Hire hard, manage easy." Roughly my process: * HR interview * Cultural interview (of sorts) * Take-home test (too many assumptions to make) * Ruby Kata live coding test * Architecture interview * Cultural interview II

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It's not cool to share questions :) Focus on: - Technical implementation of small scale computer sciencey question. - Ways of working in a team top to bottom. - Product creation process from scratch to production) - Standard Engineering Manager questions.

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Why should we hire you? (at the very end of one interview session)

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Q: If we have a new application to deploy, what do you think we need in order to have it in production?

1. Logical questions It's a short pattern recognition test

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