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Electrician wurde gefragt...17. Januar 2016

My qualifications, Experience

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state journeyman license, I am a Lt. at the local fire dept and am very familiar with the plant and its operational procedures Weniger

im 12 years gulf oil and gas plant

Sir unfortunately I am not higher educated but I have good communication skill and knowledge reading blue print and experience have in Microsoft word Weniger

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average questions about your backgrond

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What kind of questions did they ask?

I started in computers and have been very strong in it for the last 6 or more years. Technology and electronics have always been my thing. After I got out of high school, I decided to pursue an education in Microsoft Certification, and learn the ins and outs of computer software and hardware, and definitely networking. I was able to earn more than 5 certifications in both Microsoft and Comp Tia. Now, I am studying to become an electrician, and soon I will get my Electrical I Certification. Once my class is over, I plan to work for a local electrician while being enrolled in a 3-5 year Joint Apprenticeship Program. I would say that my knowledge of computers and electrical go hand-in-hand well together. I think that I am making the right choice in my life right now, as I am both determined and knowing that I am following my dreams. It is apparent how my computer skills and knowledge have surely assisted me with my new found passion, and that is Electrical. Weniger

NextEra Energy, Inc.

What’s your favorite color?

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Really good lessons to get into top tech companies:


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Medha Servo Drives

ITI electrition

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Phone networking



Cummings Electrical

Do you take pride in your work?

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I do take pride in my work

Yes sir/madam

yes sir/madam

Chandler Macleod

When are avaible to start?

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As soon a possible

After a week

1 April 2020

Applewood Plumbing Heating & Electric

what kind of job with you done.?

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I know electric work 3 piece single piece and in addition I have project experience. I also have maintenance experience in office and at home. Weniger

I know electric work 3 piece single piece and in addition I have project experience. I also have maintenance experience in office and at home. Weniger

Northrop Grumman

40 minute interview that discusses your experience in the electro-mechanical field. Several questions "quiz" on how some electronic principles work; what is Ohms law? Where do you see yourself in or 10 years.

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This looks so good:

Did they offer you a job on the spot?

My answers to some questions were: V=IxR

Coates Electrical and Instrumentation

Can you do electricial and pass a drug test

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Yes to both



Will you have base access when you EAS?

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Yes sir

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