Fragen im Bewerbungsgespräch: Marketing analyst in Region Dublin, Irland |

Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Marketing analyst in Dublin, Irland


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What ads have you seen that you liked? What did you like about them?

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How do you approach research? Is it a solitary or collaborative activity?

How many cars can you get on a cargo plane? How many newspapers a sold daily in Ireland?

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Something in relation to getting your broken lawnmower fixed versus hiring someone to cut your grass. Bizarre and obscure

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It was really all about the task. There were no trick questions. If you impress enough in the task, you will get the job.

They mainly asked to explain the process you went through to complete the practical task.

Questions related to decisions made in take-home. Are you familiar with 2K? Why do you want this job? This job is different to what you studied in college, why do you want to change careers? Why would you be good in this role?

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