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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Consultant in Dublin, Irland


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Do you know what a chippy is?

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yes - slang for carpenter

Chippy is fish


How would you connect to a server if you can do it only from command line.

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You have three pots, one has red marbles, one has green marbles and the other has a mixture of red and green marbles. Each pot has a label indicating what colour marbles the pot should contain. The labels are on the wrong pots. You can not see what is in each pot. By only putting your hand into one of the pots and taking out a marble, determine the least number of marbles you need to take out of any of the pots to determine which label should be on which pot. (This was the brain teaser not explained properly)

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1. What is the default port of http? what about https?

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How would you know if a user connected to a web app with mobile or desktop. a) ip address b) http header c) {i don't remember} d){ i don't remember}

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Java Maps and Hashmaps

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Programming test was most difficult part, but absolutely reasonable! good test, i enjoyed it

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One thing they asked me was what would you say to a potential client that is interested on a product, but is not willing to make the purchase right now and wants to wait or talk it over with their spouse?

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What have you learned from your course that could be applied to (previous work experience) to help improve it?

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No weird interview-y questions, just basic stuff about my experience and expectations.

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