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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Graduate engineer in Deutschland


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Introduce yourself and say a fun fact about yourself If hired as SIE, what would you like to learn? Why did you choose to study Engineering? What interest you about this position?

Do a Java code-review. The class in question had many faults, from sloppy class seperation, to singletons and bad testability overall.

About the design of a filter, AC/DC convertor, MOSFET capacitances. The questions were technical but dealt with fundamentals, were not difficult but I was not prepared. So did not do well in the interview.

Design an in-memory online url-shortening system, specifically database layout and necessary hardware. Scale to 1 university (50K users). Followups: - SQL specifics - Estimate message and request sizes - scale to 1 million users - "what about locality?" --> route & shard requests depending on user location

How would you evaluate statistics and run tests on big data + a bit of machine learning details

In an unbalanced binary tree, find the rightmost element in the lowest level. The engineer expected me to talk no more than a few minutes about the algorithm, then start implementing it.

Telefoninterview: Wie funktioniert ein Router? Was passiert, wenn man jemanden per Telefon anruft? Beschreiben Sie eine Situation, in der Sie... Videointerview: Kurze Vorstellung, Erklärung eines technischen Zusammenhangs (max. 2 Min.) AC: Einige technische Fragen, "normales" Interview (CV, bisherige berufliche Erfahrung), Role-Play (Sales Pitch), Präsentation

In a game of Word Boggle, how many possibilities are there? Followups: (he expected me to ask for limits on word length etc.) How would one efficiently compute possible words given a dictionary? how long could that take? -> implement on whiteboard

Describe something you learned not from lectures but become actually useful

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