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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Department Manager


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- Of all browsing customers, how many buying customer do you think that we have every day? - What is our daily/weekly/annual turnover? - How would you handle with a VIP customer that you have never seen before? - Would you be able to switch your customer service from a young professional looking for her first Gucci bag to a VIP customer with his/her entire team? Provide an example.

This was an interview for an executive position, i.e. senior managerial responsibility in the business. You can't expect a list of questions, formulated like a school exam - on contrary. There were no direct question with predefined answers. We discussed the current situation and challenges that the company has, where the company wants to be in a short-term and mid-term and how I could contribute to the success by bringing my knowledge, experience, methodology and business processes to Wirecard.

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