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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Data Scientist


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Present a previous project and they will ask a lot of technical questions regarding the topic.

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Hello, can you give the details of the task that was given in the test.

It would be very helpful if you could share some of the questions asked in the technical interview?

how do you handle unbalanced data

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They contacted me two months later asking me whether I am still interested in a new job position and whether I still have the same desired salary for the future.

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How can you get unique elements from a list?

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I was given a task of finding if, giving a list containg integers (representing length of videos) , and another list containing time-slots, there was a combination of two videos that could fit ain a time-slot.

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Sie lösen Sie ein Problem, wenn Sie das Problem nicht lösen können?

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Wenn ich eine Menge vorgersagen wollte (bspw. die Anzahl verkaufter Äpfel), welchen Algorithmus könnte ich bspw. verwenden und welche Verteilung sollte ich zugrunde legen.

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The 3 hour timed test was about data cleaning/exploring on their datafile, not building predictive models but proposing some approaches and letting them know of potential solutions.

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