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They contacted me two months later asking me whether I am still interested in a new job position and whether I still have the same desired salary for the future.

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I told them that I am no longer interested in that salary and my expectations have risen. The guy on the phone did not like what he heard and he kept saying that I am asking for too much and his client will not hire anyone with such salary and my expectations are unrealistic and he can't do anything with it and so on. Bear in mind that I shared the same salary expectations with several other companies that I am interviewing and non of them gave me the same amateurish reaction. And non told me that I am asking for too much except for one company, and even then they were willing to negotiate like what a proper professionals would do.

How can you get unique elements from a list?

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Given the set of integers, find all the pairs that yields the specific sum.

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You are presented with a problem from a stakeholder. Imagine you have a call from him and go ahead figure it out and convince him you could help :) After you figured out what's required in terms of DS tasks you'd have to propose several modeling options applicable and explain in detail the intricacies of different approaches, different error metrics etc. Remember, you won't be able to use google/wiki :)

What is the most important thing for the successful data project?

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Wie würden Sie gegebene Daten visualisieren (mit Präsentation)? Wieviel Gehalt erwarten Sie? Wann können Sie anfangen? Warum glauben Sie, dass Sie bei einem weltklasse Unternehmen wie SAP einsteigen können?

Elevator-Pitch: Sie treffen den Chef der Firma. Geben Sie kurz an, in welche Technologien seine Firma inverstieren/fokussieren sollte.

Standard fragen wie berufliche Laufbahn etc. Keine tiefgreifenden Fragen zu Konzepten hinter ML/ Data Science oder Mathematik.

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Was ist Ihre Gehaltsvorstellung.

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