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If you take 3 subsequent number (n, n+1, n+2) and know, that n and n+2 are prime numbers, can you proove, that n+1 is always dividable by 6?

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1. if n and n+2 are prime, the n+1 is dividable by 2; of the three subsequent number (n, n+1, n+2) must be dividable by 3. because n and n+2 are prime, then n+1 is dividable by 3. So n+1 is dividable by 6.

3, 4, 5. 3 and 5 are prime. 4 is not divisible by 6.

n+1 will be divisible by 2 since n and n+2 are prime now n,n+1 or n+2 any one of them should be divisible by 3 n and n+2 are prime so n+1 should be divisible by 3 Hence proved

The gave me driver data, passenger data and booking data. You will be asked to run some aggregation on this and publish the results.

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Given a history of users query strings and their click-through rates, how would you know which query to suggest after a new user types in a new query?

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lots of questions about my motivation, why i want to get this job etc.

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The first round you will asked the following question. 1. Explain about the tera sort that happens between the map and reduce phase in hadoop job. 2. Explain about class loader, can you have more than one class loader in jvm. 3. Explain how indexing in implemented in sql databases, be prepared to take about b-tree and tree balancing algorithm. 4. How does java guarantee the hashmap look up in O(1). Round 2 1. You will asked to write java streaming code to parse infinite input while keeping memory low the output should predefined length of random sample.

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The main portion of the interview is their HackerRank assignment. I was told I received the assignment for Data Engineers.

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How much money could you spare to the company by using the selected processing technique?

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online testing for 5 hours

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What are your future aspiriations?

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