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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Data analyst


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Present a previous project and they will ask a lot of technical questions regarding the topic.

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Hello, can you give the details of the task that was given in the test.

It would be very helpful if you could share some of the questions asked in the technical interview?

Why do you want to join zalando?

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- SQL: they use PostgreSQL, asked something related to join, rank, group by, index - Logistic related domain knowledge which is not my strength - Behavioral questions

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Mostly technical / coding questions with limited time to answer, talk about past projects (with techncial depth), almost no questions with respect to data science (statistics, ml, math, modeling ...)

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Q1) Are you ready to travel? Q2) Projects are 6-9 months, are you interested in this? Q3) Do you know Java? Q4) We offer initially 2 year contracts?

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Introductory questions. Describing yourself. Your skills. Your past experiences. Presentation of a Case Study that was provided a few days before the interview.

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HR Interview: Talk about the role, Do I have knowledge of algos like- LR, DT, RF etc.

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What is the standard deviation?

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Warum will ich meinen derzeitigen Arbeitgeber verlassen.

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Erfahrung mit Personalverantwortung und Teamleitung?

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