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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Customer Success Manager


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Present to a C-Level

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Executed the exercise and prepared the presentation over a weekend

A customer wants to do an implementation which will not work really. Despite any hints from your site, they project lead wants to continue with his idea. How would you react?

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Wie stellen sie sich die Zukunft vor

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Given the data that was presented to me I needed to identify where should we focus our efforts in order to minimize churn.

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Fragen zu den wichtigsten beruflichen Stationen, bisherige Erfahrungen, fragen zu meiner Person und meinen Erwartungen.

Common competency-based questions, previous technical experience and understanding of Researchgate.

Standard interview questions. Have to be really familiar with the company and the business and what they do. One must have good understanding of the business and the product and be able to sell it as it is relatively innovative.

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