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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Customer Service Manager


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Questions: 1) why this company 2) why should we take you 3) do you know anything about 3D printers/printing

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hello in which period has bigrep reported after receipt of your application? how long did the selection process go completely and did you get a job? Thanks and Greetings Markus

Which sport you like? After saying surf... ok nevermind let’s imagine you have a ball and you need to fulfill a plane. How many balls do you need?

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The pay is so unbelievably low that they just checked to see if I had a pulse. The algorithm has been explained around the office that as long as you can deal with the super low pay, stress of the job, lack of benefits and lack of care from head office or Sykes, - you are the type of person this company wants. Other than that, they are willing to deal with the tremendous amount of turnover. You are just another soldier being sent into battle. They are willing to take casualties.

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How were they (according to me) training poorly at my then current job? (this was following something I had said earlier)

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Strength/Weaknesses, Where do you see yourself in five years, tell me about yourself, How many people work here, How high was the revenue last year, what's the name of the CEO

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